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All players want a "large" sweet spot that leads to ball control. To get a paddle with a large sweet spot, you need an edgeless frame to maximize space. Gearbox makes their edgeless paddle, with a molded carbon fiber edgeless frame with an expanded hitting area for an incredibly large sweet spot that reduces mishits.

Most manufacturers use a plastic guard to keep their paddles together. When purchasing a pickleball paddle, a good question to ask is how long will my paddle last before it needs to be replaced. The answer is simple, with a honeycomb core, quite often.

 With a Gearbox paddle,  you will NO longer have to deal with bumper guards that crack, come loose, and misdirect your potential winning shot.


The Ultimate in Advanced

Dampener System

A gearbox paddle is made from the core outward, looking at the sweet spot first and building the frame around that. When they add in the dampening system, you are left with a paddle with tremendous feel.

Torque Stabilization

As a player, you want a paddle that will withstand the impact of a ball moving with pace. A Gearbox paddle is one piece, from the handle to the head, giving it a stable feel. The embedded counterbalance system is an added bonus to help withstand the impact of a ball moving at high speed.

Infinite Play

As a player, you should be looking for a paddle to help with "maximum" performance from your first swing onward. Choose a paddle that will not break down over time and is made from patented carbon fiber.  There is no comparison when deciding between a plastic honeycomb core or a carbon-fiber core. The Gearbox paddles with their carbon-fiber core are backed with a one year warranty. 

Hyper-Byte Spin Technology

Whether you are an advanced player or a novice player, you will want to have some spin on the ball to create problems for your opponents. The Gearbox Hyper Bite Spin Technology will grab the ball and give you more spin on demand. The aerodynamic slim frame design will allow you to be quicker with the paddle and help you develop elite player level hand speed.

Soft Sound Technology

There have been countless hours invested into making the Gearbox paddles have a soft quiet sound. The hours of research have led to a more dynamic feel, which translates to control for the player.  

Power and Control

If you want more "power" from a paddle, why would you use a paddle made with a plastic honeycomb core and held together with a bumper guard? Same question if you want more "control" of the ball.

Why not go with a Gearbox edgeless paddle with a larger sweet spot, made from carbon fiber that is thin with less wind resistance and is strong enough to withstand years of play. The Gearbox paddles are designed to help you achieve your goals of more power and control.

Extended Handle

The GX6 has an extended handle. This paddle gives a player more options on your hand placement. Move your hand further up the handle for more control, or drop your hand down for more power. You may even hit a two-handed backhand. This incredible paddle comes in two handle circumference sizes, 3-⅝ or 3-15/16.


As the western Canadian distributors for the Gearbox line, we seldom see a warranty claim. You know the Gearbox paddles are durable and will not break down on you over time. Buy something that will last. When using a paddle, you will want the paddle to become an extension of your hand when you play. The feel and touch you will get from this paddle will make it so you will never want to hit anything else.




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