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Pickleball has enjoyed over ten years of explosive growth, during that time we have seen the cost of products go through the roof. Giant multi-sport companies have gotten involved in pickleball, small American companies have grown like crazy and gotten greedy by producing paddles that are now retailing over $300 Canadian.
Our thought, enough is enough, we are now going to produce our own products that we think are of higher quality and have eliminated all the middlemen and their fees. Our products do not enter the United States first and then shipped to Canada. They do not have U.S. tariffs or the extra transportations costs. Our quality of production is equal or superior to the big-name companies without the exorbitant mark up.
If you want to buy shoes, paddles and nets from a Canadian Company that produces high quality pickleball products, then we are the company for you. We will even lower our prices in the future as we produce in higher numbers and be able to pass the savings on to you. Help our company grow and you will benefit from the quality of product and superior pricing