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Pickleball Connect began in 2019, after our founders, Kevin Doucet & Cindy Mittelstaedt, knew that they wanted to bring high quality lessons, gear and pickleball getaways to the Calgary area and eventually to the rest of Canada. 


The pickleball community is unmatched and Kevin & Cindy are constantly striving to create a space for all players to not only improve their skills but build life long friendships on and off the court. Whether you’re taking a pickleball lesson or travelling with us, we hope you see the love and dedication Pickleball Connect has for the game and for all who are involved. 

Pickleball Connect is about learning from professional coaches and in proper sequential skill development. Pickleball Connect is about developing effective muscle memory, understanding shot selection and establishing tactics. Pickleball Connect is about having fun and connecting with the community while growing your skills.

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