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Cindy and Kevin

Cindy started playing pickleball after her mother passed away, as pickleball was a great activity she could play with her father, Harvey. After Harvey played for a couple of years he, unfortunately, had a stroke and Cindy spent a lot of time with him during his recovery. Harvey had a goal to get back to playing pickleball and 8 months after suffering from a stroke he was back on the court. Getting back to this sport helped him in his recovery, plus they had more daughter-father time together, which was more fun than rehab exercises. Being a solid tennis player, Cindy took to the game quickly and enjoyed the higher-end play and yet loved the time playing doubles with her dad. Harvey is still playing to this day and pickleball has added years to his life.

Kevin is a lifelong racquet sport enthusiast. Making his career as a professional coach and reaching elite status as a player and even higher levels by the athletes that he trained. Some of his athletes have a lifelong relationship with him. They met when the student was very young and he taught them how to hold a racquet, to the point that they won Canadian and North-American titles. 

Being exposed to pickleball early on, in 2009 he took to the sport right away. Kevin achieved elite status by winning three national titles in 2011.

His passion has always been with coaching and moved his attention from his game to coaching the sport. No person can be both an elite coach and an elite player. You have to focus on one role and do it to the best of your abilities.

The reason why Kevin and Cindy formed Pickleball Connect is simple. They owe pickleball more than they will ever be able to give back. For they met on a pickleball court. A chance meeting that has changed their lives forever, for they have found their true passion in each other. This company starts with love and the hope that people can find new relationships that can be in a multitude of ways. Their goal is to bring like-minded people together in a spirit of friendship and enjoyment while making friends. People have new friends to share dinners with, and in some cases, more love birds find each other when they least expect it.


Our events that we host in other countries are a fantastic example of what pickleball can do when you bring great people together. We do not call it a tournament, for it is so much more than that. Sure, there are fun lessons that can only bring your game to a new level but, it’s the experience from sunrise to sunset. The social aspects, the meeting of new people, the quality of food and drink in a fun-loving atmosphere, are something you will remember forever.