Lesson Philosophy


The best way to develop your pickleball skills is to take lessons from  professional coaches.

Pickleball Connect is:

NOT about having one-off clinics taught by volunteer coaches. 
NOT about playing games only and expecting that to improve your skills..

NOT about learning pickleball from watching a video.

Pickleball Connect is about:

Learning from professional coaches.
Learning by doing under proper supervision.
Learning proper sequential skill development.
Developing effective muscle memory.
Understanding shot selection.
Establishing tactics.
Having fun while growing your skills. 

Let Pickleball Connect take charge and lead you through a step-by-step process to get your game at its highest potential.


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Class Descriptions:

Learn to Play Program:

Learn the foundation of the game.  Proper grip, the beginning of good movement patterns and balance. Stroke development, both forehand and backhand, introduction to the volley, service plus return, and the rules. 

Beginner to Advanced Beginner Programs: (2.0 and 2.5)

After the Learn to Play program, you will be developing sports-specific shots  and their techniques. No more hitting without any control. 

Prerequisite: Two or More of the following:

  • 5 week Learn to Play Program

  • Have a basic understanding of pickleball rules and scoring

  • Have played pickleball more than a dozen times

Advanced Beginners to Intermediate: (2.5 to 3.0)

When skills from the Beginner to Advanced Beginner Program have developed, move onto the Advance Beginners to Intermediate program. Improve the quality of your swing, reduce lifts, more consistent paddle preparation.  Develop your understanding of the game. Know your mistakes and finding ways to start to minimize them.

Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate: (3.0 to 3.5)

When skills from the Advance Beginners to Intermediate have developed, move onto the Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate program.  Develop consistency and understanding of your game. Understand the shot you overuse and what shot to don't have.  Develop more advanced technique shots and tactics.

Advanced Intermediate to Low Elite: (3.5 to 4.0)

When skills from the Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate have developed, move onto the Advanced Intermediate to Low Advanced program. Hitting drives that have pace and accuracy. A short game that creates problems and leads to opponents' mistakes. Start learning how to reset a rally, effective block volleys, and attack from the yellow zone. Move with speed and balance. Change speed on the ball and hunt the ball on a poach.

Low Advanced to Developing Elite: (4.0 to 4.5)

When skills from the Advanced Intermediate to Low Advanced developed, move on to the Low Advanced to Developing Elite. Spin the ball with control at different speeds from different positions on the court. Improve attacking strategies, elimination of unprovoked lifts. Understand your opponent's weaknesses, hand speed, and fitness level to match your game skills.

For Information on this program please email info@pickleballconnect.ca

Organized Play with Coach's Feedback

Games only with a coach overseeing play:
Improve your game by having a professional instructor watching your play and giving ideas on what direction you need to go to improve your level of play. Have a rally or two video taped and look at it in between games. Get proper feedback so you not repeat the same mistake again and again. Have a blast playing games with players at your level, but put a purpose behind your game, so learning and skill development are occurring

Drills and Machine

The best way to improve your game is practice, practice, practice.  In this 90 minute drill lesson your will be working on a different shot every week.  Your coach will show you the drill with a partner and  you will use our new PICKLEBALL CANNON BALL MACHINE. 

Need help in choosing the right program for you? 
Email info@pickleballconnect.ca

Playing games is part of learning, to test out your skills and see how you mentally deal with the game.  Always play games with a purpose. Work on skills, learn to outthink your opponent and think about shot selections. Playing without an intention is hitting the ball around, which may have a level of enjoyment, but don't fool yourself and think you are improving at any more than at a snail's pace. Enjoying pickleball also comes from seeing yourself improve and reaching new levels of play that you didn't know were possible.

At Pickleball Connect, we pride ourselves on creating a learning atmosphere that is fun and educational. 

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