One Day Events

Pickleball Connect is excite to offer One Night Events


Come join us for 3 hours of fun at Rally Point,


45 minutes:  Skills -  Can you hit a target?  Try hitting a target with your third shot, serve, service


45 minutes:  Drills - Now that you know which shots you need to Improve on we will practice!


1.5 hours: Shoot out - mini tournament with a different partner every 10 minutes. Accumulate individual points for a prize for the top point earner.

Pickleball Connect Drop In

Come join us for self rated Drop In.

These drop in sessions, are limited in space, lots of play in 2 hours, organized by a Pickleball Connect host.


There are NO refunds after programs start.
No refunds for missing a week.
Paddles will be available to use for these classes.