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Take a private lesson with one of our Pickleball Connect Instructors.
Val Calon 
(NCCP certified)
Peter Hillman (NCCP certified)
Jennifer Hittel (NCCP certified)
Steve Myers (NCCP certified)
Richard Sherback (NCCP certified)
Private Lessons:
  • Lesson topics will be based on players' needs. 
  • Once you register the instructor will contact you to arrange the date, time and location of the lesson
  • Paddles will be available to use for these classes.
  • Player volume up to 4 players
  • 1 to 4 players $120 per hour (court costs included)
  • 1 to 4 players with a ball machine $160 per hour (court costs included)
  • Classes are 60 minutes long
  • The class lesson is discussed prior to the lesson to help individuals get the most out of their class. The instructor will contact you prior to the lesson
  • Private lessons are great for developing specific skills for your game.
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