Gearbox is once again proving we are the leaders in technology in pickleball with the new improvements in the GX5. If you loved the old version of the GX5 or are looking to enhance your game, wait until you see what this paddle can do. It has an upgraded feel and sound reduction, with the options to personalize the paddle to your needs. Two handle sizes and the choice of a power or control model to suit your game. The GX5 paddle comes in two weights of 7.8 oz. or 8.5 oz. Don’t immediately dismiss the heavier weight. The trend in pickleball is to heavier weights amongst the professional players and that trend is filtering down to the recreational player. The slim design of the Gearbox paddle will help your hand speed and you will be one step ahead of your opponent.

Gearbox is the leader in technology in pickleball and you will see why when you custom fit the paddle of your dreams to suit your game. The 100 percent playing surface will allow you to keep balls in play and get rid of the mishits from your old clunky bumper guard.

GX5, 7.8 oz, CONTROL, Red

    • Superb Sound and Feel: Offers an outstanding soft feel and sound
    • Slim Aerodynamic Frame: Maximized Maneuverability, Fast and Responsive
    • Carbon Fiber Edgeless Frame: Larger Hitting Surface Area, Reduced Mishits
    • Massive Sweet Spot: Optimized Ball Response from Center to Rim of Paddle
    • Infinite Play: Consistent Performance from day one forward
    • Dampener System: Perfect vibration control, Amazing Feel
    • Torque Stabilization: Balanced and Stable during play
    • High Performance Grip Circumference: For Comfort and More Wrist Roll
    • Hyper Bite Spin Technology: Offers more Ball Bite for Max Spin on Demand
    • Control and Power Option: To Enhance your Game and Compete with Focus
    • Durability: Trust your Gear. Play with Unmatched Durability
    • No Delamination, No Honeycomb Core, No Soft Spots
    • Hand Crafted Carbon Fiber Structure
    • Single Piece Molded Construction
    • USAPA Approved
    • Material: Carbon Fiber
    • Construction: Patented Solid Span Technology
    • Weight: 7.8 oz
    • Handle Circumference: 3 5/8” or 3 15/16” grip
    • Handle Length: 4-3/4″
    • Paddle Length: 15-7/8″
    • Paddle Width: 8″
    • Paddle Thickness: 7/16″
    • Grip: Gearbox Smooth Wrap – Black
    • Warranty: 1 year