Why pick our net over any of the other nets currently on the market? First off price our net is $239.00, whereas all the other nets close to this quality is $259.00 plus tax. The next reason is the small details put into the net that make a difference. Your new net is made with a powder coated steel net interlocking system, so the frame stays straight all the time. The centre post is locked into the exact halfway point of the net so the centre will always be at 34 inches. Our net posts are built so they will never bend inward over time, so the net will not lose it’s tension. No need to measure for the net is at 36 inches at the outside posts and 34 inches at the centre. The net itself have the best adjustable straps to easily give you the tension you want from the net. Obviously, the net is the regulation width of 22 feet.
For storage we have a durable heavy nylon bag with a durable zipper, total weight is 10 kgs. Have the freedom to play pickleball anywhere or anytime you like, instead of waiting for your friend to set up their net. You will have this net for years, you will see the difference in quality from the first time you set it up.

Pickleball Connect Net