The Pro paddles have a unique design built for quickness and the best sweet spot in the business. We have eliminated the part of the paddle you do not need and enhanced the area where the shots are made from, the sweet spot. The Pro series has superior spin performance those who like to spin the ball. Pick the handle size that suits you best along with the choice of the 7 or 8 oz. weight options.

The technology behind this paddle leads to a quiet sound and softer feel, with the most streamlined design in pickleball.

Seven Pro 7 oz

    • USAPA Approved
    • Patent Pending Solid Span Technology (SST)
    • NEW Soft Sound
    • NEW Softer Feel
    • NEW Hyper Bite Spin Technology
    • NEW Massive Sweet Spot
    • Superb Maneuverability and Control
    • Carbon Fiber Composition
    • Single Piece Molded Construction
    • Edgeless
    • No Delamination
    • No Honeycomb Core
    • No Soft Spots
    • Core: Carbon Fiber Solid Span Technology (SST)
    • Face: Unidirectional Graphite, Unidirectional and Woven Fiberglass
    • Weight: 7.0 oz
    • Handle Size: 3 5/8” or 3 15/16” grip
    • Dimension: 16”(L) x 8”(W)
    • Grip: Smooth Black Wrap
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Head Shape: Teardrop