The Weapon: The price point for this paddle is incredible considering it is edgeless and delivers the level of performance that it does. It is a medium-weight 7.4oz  paddle. Its weight offers all-around performance. An ideal option for all skill levels.


Sweet-spot: The edgeless design increases the accuracy of the paddle by eliminating the edge guard and the stray balls that rebound off of it. You’ll find a single large sweet spot across most of the paddle’s surface.

Surface: The Graphite & Fiberglass face makes it ultimate in durability and play. With a rough legal finish to help you spin and control the ball.

Core: The core of the paddle is a traditional carbon + polypropylene honeycomb design for the best strength and feel. This core will let you serve and return balls with the kind of power that you want in your games. 

Grip: It has a premium cushion grip that gives you a great comfortable feel that allows you to play all day.


Thin: Being edgeless The Weapon is very thin and gives you the advantage of great maneuverability and quickness around the net.



Paddle Shape: Edgeless paddle

Weight: 7.4oz 

Grip Length: 4.25"

Playing surface: Rough surface covered 

Material: Carbon + Polypropylene Core

The Weapon


    • Advanced Composite Technology
    • Excellent combination of Power with Control
    • Soft with Crisp Feel 
    • Excellent maneuverability 
    •  Hyperbite Technology for Spin
    •  Molded Handle
    • Core: 7mm x 12mm Polypropylene (PPE) Honeycomb
    • Face: Unidirectional and Woven Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber Blend.  
    •  Weight: 7.4 oz
    • Handle Size: 3 7/8"; Circumference grip 
    • Grip: Smooth Black Wrap
    • Warranty: 6 months
    • Paddle Shape: Traditional