Triumph Paddle
When we started making our own paddles, we started with the edge guard to make sure it will protect the paddle yet create the minimum amount of interference. We have created an edge guard that is durable and improves performance and balance. 

Sweet spot- The elongated playing area gives you the maximum size perfect hitting area. This will give you control up at the non volley line and extra power for hard drives from the baseline.


Surface: Two main factors we wanted from our surface. Soft feel for the short game and as rough a surface as legally possible to create spin and control. After dozens of experimental surfaces, we created a balance that will give your game the advantage you have been looking for. 

Core: Our polypropylene core is our own unique blend to create the perfect playability feel and sound. We added in a percentage of glass fibre for strength and power.

Grip: P.C. foam provides consistency and comfort for the best feel in the business.

Thin:  Ask any player that plays with a thin paddle, you are so much quicker and more maneuverable with a thin paddle. That is why we made this paddle only 13 mm. You will feel the difference when you try it out.




Paddle length: 16.5 inch

Paddle width: 7.5 inch

Weight: 7.8 oz plus or minus .2 oz.

Grip Length: 5"

Handle Circumference: 4"

Playing surface: Pickleball Connect unique blend – patient pending.

Material: Glass Fibre + Polypropylene Core




    • Advanced Composite Technology
    • Excellent combination of Power with Control
    • Soft with Crisp Feel 
    • Excellent maneuverability 
    •  Hyperbite Technology for Spin
    •  Molded Handle
    • Core: 7mm x 12mm Polypropylene (PPE) Honeycomb
    • Face: Unidirectional and Woven Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber Blend.  
    •  Weight: 7.8 oz
    • Handle Size: 4"; Circumference grip 
    • Grip: Smooth Black Wrap
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Paddle Shape: Elongated Head